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We found Yasmin through her glowing online reviews, and it was instantly clear why she’s so well-rated: Yasmin is truly THE BEST. She was an invaluable advisor throughout the entire home buying process and I can’t imagine having done it without her. As first-time home buyers purchasing just as a global pandemic set in, the entire process should have been incredibly stressful. But instead, Yasmin helped us feel completely confident every step of the way. We really appreciated how quickly she responded to our endless stream of questions. But it was the substance of her communications that made all the difference. Yasmin is a wealth of information and always ensured we had every available piece of data to make the best decisions possible. In the rare case that she didn’t already know the answer, she always found it — fast. Yasmin is patient, thoughtful, and honest. She never pressured us to put in an offer or bid more than we were comfortable with. Instead she acted as a sounding board, helping us hone in on exactly what we wanted. Then, she made it her mission to help us find just that — while always keeping things realistic. She pays incredible attention to detail and is completely professional. And as a great bonus, she’s super fun to work with. (When you’re looking at a ton of houses while navigating a global pandemic, that makes a big difference.) Above all else, Yasmin wanted to make sure that we ended up happy with whatever decision we made — and thanks to her hard work, we really did.