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I had an extremely unpleasant encounter with this real estate agent. I did not consent to him entering my home, yet he showed up unannounced and demanded entry. When I politely stated that I could not let him in at that moment, he became aggressive and argumentative, which was scary. Not only did he disregard my boundaries and invade my personal space, but he also displayed a complete lack of professionalism and respect. I cannot recommend this real estate agent to anyone, as his behavior was completely unacceptable and unprofessional. In summary, I strongly advise against working with this real estate agent. Their actions were intrusive and disrespectful, and they showed a complete disregard for their clients' boundaries and privacy. Stay away from this agent if you value professionalism and respect. - Del

March 30, 2023

Reply:    The review is from a tenant at a rental property that had a main floor suite, and a vacant basement suite, with a common rear entrance. The tenant was not my client and I never had any sort of relationship with them, or even the pleasure of knowing their name. I arranged my visit to the property 48 hours in advance of my visit, and during that booking call with the seller's agent, was provided with the access code for the keybox at the property. The seller's agent discussed the property at length with me, and confirmed my showing with me and sent me to the property. I arrived at the property on time and rang the doorbell in the common rear entrance. The main floor tenant was belligerent and uncooperative and denied my access to their main floor suite, citing that they had not been informed of the showing. I showed them my notes confirming the showing, as taken during the call with the seller's agent. A frustrating position for all of us to be in, but clearly, the seller's agent failed to actually make the appointment with the tenant, despite sending me to the property with the access code, and a confirmed appointment time. I called the listing agent immediately and informed them of the conflict created, and that agent apologized to me when they realized that they forgot to follow through on their responsibility to inform the tenant of the booked showing. That agent also then undertook to contact and explain their oversight to the tenant. I have no idea if they actually did so. Tenants are not always cooperative with showings, and that, for their own personal reasons. Sadly, this tenant was denied the opportunity to be informed of the showing by the listing agent, creating a conflict situation. I did then view the vacant basement suite, as permission from the main floor tenant was not required for that, and the appointment was booked to do so. Mercifully, I did not have clients with me during the brief visit, and my involvement with the property ended immediately after I left the property for my next appointment. I I employ excess diligence when showing tenant occupied properties, and that is why I spoke with the listing agent to discuss the property and book my showing, rather than simply booking it online, or via dispassionate text or email. Any conflict created was due to the seller's agent simply forgetting to actually inform the tenant of the appointment that they booked with me. Again, the tenant was not my client, and I never even knew their name. I respect that they may have been frustrated to have an agent show up at the house, seemingly unannounced, but they failed to grasp that error was not mine, but their seller's / landlord's agent. It is easy for someone to lash out via a review, and when the tone of one seeks to punish or cause harm, the value of the review is diminished. After nearly 3 decades of service as a Realtor, I and my clients are well aware of the diligence that I bring to my work

Condo / Apartment
Bowness, Calgary
Mar 2023

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Chris has been rated in Bowness, Calgary.

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