Top 10 Vancouver Real Estate Agents for 2021

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The top 10 real estate agents in Vancouver for 2021 have been announced! Every year announces the top rated Realtors in Vancouver. The rankings are determined by the reviews each agent received in 2021. There were 165 new reviews in 2021 for agents in Vancouver. verifies the reviews and throws out thousands of fake reviews. You might be shocked to learn, even issues severe penalties to agents caught trying to cheat the rankings. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

Counting them down from 10 to 1...


3 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"I have known Anita Aheer and Katrina Bitkova since 2017. I found them online, thanks to their many positive reviews. They are both very professional and knowledgeable. My transactions with them (both buying and selling transactions) literally take *ONE DAY*! There’s no waiting around for months and months for movement, as with some other realtors. Anita and Katrina are like dynamite! If you are serious about buying/selling property, they are the very best in the business. Five stars all around!!!"


7 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"Cindy was recommended to me when I was looking to purchase my first condo. I was having difficulty finding a realtor to work with due to my modest budget, but she was supportive and patient as I navigated my way into home ownership. She was knowledgeable about the current housing environment, efficient to set up viewings and great to communicate with. Would definitely recommend!"


7 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"Jordan was amazing. Always going the extra mile. I'm a first time home owner and he was so encouraging. Friendly and approachable. Quick to respond. I will be recommending Jordan to friends and family. "


3 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"When I decided to sell my home, there was no lengthy period in deciding who I would want to represent me. Jennifer and her team, to say the least, did everything they had promised and gave me the clearest and concise direction I needed to fulfill our goal -- which was to sell my home immediately. She was upfront, honest, and direct with me, which is all that I needed; from the potential outlook sale of the home, to closing and tell me what I needed to hear from her and her team. My home was live for nine days prior to selling and that was more than I expected, and for that, I am very grateful. From Day One there was a goal I had in mind and with all the work done on my end, as wel..."


9 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"I found Steve to be on point at all timrs and thinking three moves ahead of time from the time he was contacted.His assesment of market value was very accurate . Steve was very fare and honest to all parties concerned including the tenant. I do plan on using Steve again due to his professonal nature and his knowledge from over 25 years of being a realtor."


Accepting New Clients
9 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"My review is long overdue. Anna showed us her expertise and experience all the way from the time that we plan to buy a house until we moved in. She is a true professional and pays attention to details. We are happy and lucky to choose her as our realtor."


9 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"My family have been working with Joel for the last 6 years. We found him very knowledgeable and responsible. He always put our interest first and be able to give us best advice! We will not hesitate to work with him again in the future! "


9 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"One of the best of many qualities Jimi posses is his ability to communicate. We would message him about pretty much anything and he would respond almost immediately at all hours of the day and night. If he didn’t have the answer, he would let’s us know and then hustle to get it. For my wife and I, timing was everything. We were expecting our first born, while selling our condo and looking at houses 2.5 hours away in a new town. Jimi was an absolute rock star! He was able to negotiate a closing date that worked for us and got us into the perfect new family home. If you’re looking for a realtor you can trust and will work his butt off for you, Jimi is your guy! Can’t recommend him enough. "


10 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"Jon is an amazing realtor and we were so thankful to have him guiding us through the daunting process of buying our first home. We were searching in a crazy time and what we loved so much about working with him was that he was always very realistic and honest. We felt that all our questions were answered in the most helpful way possible, with a deep understanding of the Vancouver market and the humility to push us to form our own opinions. We felt that Jon cared a lot about helping us find a great home, and really appreciated his telling us when he didn't think something was good enough for us. All in all he made the process fun and exciting, when it could have been quite stressful, and w..."


23 reviews in Vancouver in 2021
"We were very happy with Roberts professionalism in this challenging real estate market. His recommendations and knowledge were essential in navigating us top dollar for our property. We would highly recommend Robert for all your real estate needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who’s the top real estate agent in Vancouver?

A - Robert Q Lee earned 23 reviews in 2021 to be the top rated agent in Vancouver.

Q - How are the reviews verified?

A - Reviews on go through a triple verification process. First, the person who posts the review has to confirm by email that they are who they say they are, what they wrote is true, and they take full legal responsibility for the contents of their review. Second, team members moderate reviews to ensure they adhere to our review policy (No spam, profanity, etc). Third, reviews are audited to spot patterns and signals to investigate further.

Q - What do agents get for being ranked in the Top 10 Vancouver Realtors of 2021?

A - Pride in delighting their clients and being recognized for it. Listed on this page. Included in the video which is shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing material, and social media.

Q - How do the rankings work?

A - The rankings for 2021 are determined only by the agents’ ratings and reviews in 2021. These yearly rankings are a snapshot compared to the real-time rankings we maintain on each city page. Here’s a page to explain more details on the rankings.

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Last updated: January 9th, 2022