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Janice and Tom, a great team. Always ensued they partnered together if the other was not available. Initially we tried another realtor, and could not get a quick or efficient response. When we found a home of interest, Tom was in contact with me with in 24 hours. Both Tom and Janice worked with my husband and I immediately. My husband and I where making a major home life change including moving cities. We looked at many homes. It took no time for Janice to have a sense of what we were looking for, even though she humoured us by looking at homes that where just not right for us. We actually did not have a clear understanding of what we wanted until we found it. Janice and Tom partnered together to make our offer and purchase quick and effective. Our offer turned into a bidding war in the middle of their evening plans and they both set aside their plans to make our purchase happen. Through guidance and suggestions we have found our new home. Perfect for us and our dogs. So much more to share but all in all, Janice and Tom where not just our realtors but people who felt more like friends helping us fine the home we needed after selling our ocean view home of 20 years.